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For brand related inquiries,

please contact us through our branded websites.

For general company inquiries, please contact us at


For press inquiries, please contact:

Phil Lynch
Vice President, Director Corporate Communications

For investor relations inquiries, please contact:

Jay Koval
Director of Investor Relations

For communications to the Board of Directors*:

Brown-Forman stockholders and other interested parties may communicate in writing with Brown-Forman's directors as a group or non-management directors as a group by sending such written communications to:
Matthew E. Hamel
General Counsel
850 Dixie Highway
Louisville, Kentucky 40210

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Anonymous Code of Conduct and Compliance Helpline


*Copies of written communications received at such address will be provided to the individual director(s) or group of directors to whom they are addressed, and copies of such communications will be provided to all other directors; provided, however, that any such communications that are considered to be improper for submission to the intended recipients will not be provided to the directors. Examples of communications that would be considered improper for submission include, without limitation, customer complaints, solicitations, communications on matters not normally considered at a Board level, or communications that relate to irrelevant topics.