Achieving Brown-Forman’s business purpose is only possible within a context of corporate responsibility. For us, this means promoting responsible consumer enjoyment of our brands, reducing alcohol abuse and misuse, protecting the environment, providing a healthy, safe, and inclusive workplace, and contributing to the global communities where we operate.

Here we report the highlights of our social and environmental ambitions, actions, goals, and performance. We define our key issues, explain our management approach, and provide data, examples, and links to further sources.

We produce a full-length corporate responsibility report every two years. Download our 2013-2014 Corporate Responsibility Report, Global Spirit, below.

Download our fullĀ Corporate Responsibility ReportĀ 2013-2014

Brown-Forman’s Zero Waste Story

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Our Thinking About Drinking

An important part of our work on alcohol responsibility is reflected on Our Thinking About Drinking: The Issues Forum, where our perspective and positions on alcohol topics are shared, the opinions of expert contributors are included, and your comments are encouraged.

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Elephant in the Room: Drinking & Your Career A Panel Discussion with the Executive Leadership Team