Core Champion: Mary Barrazotto

That’s the future Mary Barrazotto sees as companies like Brown-Forman embrace corporate responsibility throughout the U.S. and around the world. And, as VP / Associate General Counsel for Brown-Forman, she’s in a position to help influence that outcome. A primary portion of her job is to review Brown-Forman’s marketing, advertising and promotional activities to make sure the company is in compliance with industry standards such as DISCUS and the Wine Institute – in addition to meeting Brown-Forman’s own codes that go beyond industry standards in a number of cases.

For example, Mary has been part of the discussions at Brown-Forman as the company evaluates social networking web sites in the marketing arena. While social networking web sites such as MySpace and YouTube have proven to be powerful promotional tools, Brown-Forman has not used them here in the U.S. because of inconsistent demographic information and concerns about Brown-Forman’s ability to ensure that the audience is at least 70% adults. In fact, the company is in the process of developing a formal position in this area to help brand teams make responsible decisions with online marketing.

Mary’s contribution goes beyond alcohol related issues. She is currently on the board at Maryhurst, a Louisville, Kentucky-based organization that provides residential, in-home and community-based treatment programs to children with severe emotional disabilities, most often caused by traumatic experiences of abuse and neglect. There Mary volunteers her time and chairs the Resource Development Committee while also raising a family and attending her children’s soccer games that “keep me busy most weekends.” Mary was also on the board at Metro United Way for more than 10 years as the head of allocations, then chairwoman of the board for two years.

To Mary Barrazotto, responsibility is more than… well, a responsibility. It’s simply the right thing to do. And that attitude is why she is a CORE Champion.

Core Champion Highlights

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“I see a day when the alcohol industry isn’t under constant scrutiny because of the job we’ve done governing ourselves.”