August 1, 2005, Louisville, KY — Brown-Forman Corporation is introducing a new “gin”eration of flavor to Atlanta, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Phoenix with Stellar Gin, a premium gin infused with citrus crush infusion. Stellar is crisp, refreshing, and alive with six citrus flavors including lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, tangerine, and mandarin.

Four test cities — Atlanta, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Phoenix — were selected from all others in the U.S. because each provides the perfect real world testing environment in regards to the gin category.

Launch dates for Stellar in each of these markets are: Atlanta — August 8, Detroit — August 1, Indianapolis — August 26, and Phoenix — August 29.

“Each city is a strong premium gin market with discerning consumers who support new brand introductions. Each city hosts a vibrant restaurant and bar scene that will enable us to provide consumers with unique occasions for experiencing Stellar Gin,” said Dan Kelley, vice president, director of global brand development.

Stellar is 80 proof, clear in color, and can be mixed in a range of provocative and refreshing cocktails — making perhaps the best gin and tonic!

The packaging serves as an intriguing representation of the unmatched flavors in this aptly named gin. The bottle is dressed in a deep cobalt blue with a celestial beam illuminating a grove tree from which the citrus is selected. Stellar is available in 750 ml, 1L, and 50 ml sizes at a premium price.

“These four cities are well known for their innovative spirits retailers with highly appealing store environments and that provides us a chance to showcase Stellar’s striking packaging,” said Carrie Kleban, vice president, director of new product development.

The premium gin category has seen substantial growth in the U.S. since 1992.

“There is intense competition in the premium gin segment, and we wanted to be a part of that with the outstanding product we have developed. We believe consumers will react positively to Stellar Gin’s exceptional quality and refreshing taste,” said Kleban.

Brown-Forman has a long history in the gin category with brands such as Brown-Forman Distiller London Dry Gin available in the early 1900s. Since then, Brown-Forman has created various other gins to match the evolving nature of the gin drinker. Stellar is the result of this evolution; a premium spirit distinguishing superior gin drinkers.

More information on Stellar and the gin category can be found at The Web site also features drink recipes and invites feedback. The company hopes to hear from consumers and retail partners in each city as Stellar is introduced.

Be a star and enjoy Stellar responsibly.

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