Guidelines: Contributions to
Non-Profit Organizations

Brown-Forman’s approach to philanthropy reflects the values of both our shareholders and the company. Our corporate contributions, civic engagement activities, and dedicated employee volunteers support non-profit organizations that make an impact and improve the lives of individuals and the vitality of our communities. Not only is civic engagement the right thing to do, it is also a source of opportunity, innovation, and growth. In addition, at Brown-Forman we are committed to being responsible in everything we do.

Funding Priorities
Brown-Forman takes its corporate citizenship commitments seriously. The company makes contributions to non-profit organizations that serve our communities through the following focus areas:

  • Education – Grants are given to approved educational institutions that support our business practices, research, employee growth, and enrichment, as well as impactful community development.
  • Environment – Grants are given to approved organizations that teach or support environmental education practices, sustainability initiatives, and preservation of land and historic properties.
  • Health & Social Services – The Company has historically supported the United Way and its member organizations. In addition, grants have been given to agencies that help to build a strong, healthy community and enrich the lives of its citizens.
  • Arts & Culture – Brown-Forman is a leader in supporting a robust artistic community in its headquarters town of Louisville, Kentucky, through contributions to the Fund for the Arts, as well as grants to individual arts organizations.
  • Responsibility – Brown-Forman supports non-profits and non-government organizations (NGOs) that promote responsible enjoyment of our brands. We believe in being proactive in promoting responsible consumption and we place great importance on our ability to meet social expectations.
  • The committee also takes into consideration other factors in determining grant approvals, such as: diversity, community impact, employee involvement, and business benefit.
  • The committee will occasionally consider proposals outside of our regular guidelines. Such grants are considered by invitation only.

The primary geographic focus of Brown-Forman philanthropy is in its headquarters city of Louisville, Kentucky, and surrounding areas, as well as other communities around the world where our employees live and work.

In our operations outside of the greater Louisville area, Brown-Forman is committed to supporting organizations that strengthen community infrastructure. The company invests in communities in which we have significant operations with the goal of building capacity that creates lon-term improvement of community conditions and an improved operating environment for Brown-Forman. We value coalition- building efforts and partnerships that support the sustainable business goals of the company and community development goals.

Submission Deadline Dates

Submission Deadline

May 1
July 1
October 1
February 1

Review Meeting


Grant Criteria

Brown-Forman funds specific projects that fit within our Grant and Criteria Guidelines

Grant Application Process
Requests are reviewed on a quarterly basis, so it is important to submit a request within a minimum of three months in advance of an activity. A written response will be provided when a decision on the request is made.

To apply – Go to Please use the project information provided under Grant Application Requirements to guide your on-line application.

Grant Application Requirements
Please be sure and follow our Grant Application Requirements