Global Alcohol Responsibility

Alcohol responsibility is where it all starts for us. It’s the seed from which all our commitments grow and reach into the future. We believe that it is our duty to make sure our products are being marketed and enjoyed responsibly by encouraging awareness and empowering mindful choices.

Pause in New Orleans

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  Our Focus Areas

At Brown‑Forman, we are actively creating a responsible drinking culture. Our focus areas help us define what alcohol responsibility means to us. They guide our thinking, programs, and partnerships.

Responsibility Resources

Preventing Drunk Driving

Promoting Mindful Drinking and Decisions

Preventing Underage Access and Consumption

Empowering Bystander Intervention

Please Enjoy Responsibly Nutritional Information

As a part of our commitment to responsible consumption, Brown‑Forman has created a site to provide nutritional information to those who choose to enjoy our brands.

Visit the Nutritional Information Page
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