Code of Conduct

Our integrity and ethics as a company come down to one thing—you. The Company isn’t ethical unless you are. Our code of ethics as a corporation is only as strong and real as your personal commitment to it. We need the commitment of everyone— from every individual and department, from Louisville to Perth, from the board of directors to the person who flips off the lights in our office in Warsaw. That’s why we begin the Code by calling for your commitment. Our reputation for integrity and fair dealing begins with you. It is important that you read and live by this Code. It’s impossible to do what you don’t know. So know and follow the Code. Ask questions and raise concerns about any possible violations with your manager, Human Resources, Legal, a Code Compliance Officer, the Internal Auditor, or any director or senior executive. They can help and give guidance, but ultimately our ethics as a corporation is the responsibility of each of us as individuals. Code of Conduct