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Committed to People

Our deep familial roots inspire our commitment to people. We believe everyone should get what is needed most -- a sense of belonging, of being heard, of counting. Whoever you are, wherever you are from, however you love, there’s a space for you in Brown‑Forman. We want you to be a part of our story.

Our Mission Where We Are Going

We strive every day to be better and do better as individuals, leaders, and teams. We do so with the knowledge that diversity is a strength, inclusion is the expectation, and success is the result. We will develop high-performing teams comprised of diverse skills, cultures, and experiences; all while demonstrating diversity and inclusion leadership across our business. 

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Our framework Many Spirits, One Brown–Forman

At the heart of our commitment to diversity and inclusion lies our Many Spirits, One Brown‑Forman framework and strategy, which serves as the cornerstone of our efforts to create a more inclusive workplace. By embedding diversity and inclusion across every facet of our organization, we will strengthen our company and create lasting value for our people, our brands, our business, and the communities we serve. Many Spirits, One Brown‑Forman is a commitment to building a more inclusive future where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Many Spirits, One Brown‑Forman Strategic Framework
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2030 D&I Ambitions

With the depth and breadth of importance that D&I will have on Brown‑Forman’s future, it was critical to establish a means to gauge our progress. To do this, we set aggressive, yet achievable ambitions, measure progress towards these ambitions via a number of key performance indicators and hold ourselves accountable.

Female Senior Leaders
Brown‑Forman intends to grow global female representation at the senior leadership level.
People of Color
Brown‑Forman intends to increase U.S. representation of underrepresented racial and ethnic groups at all management levels.
Self-Identified LGBTQ+
Brown‑Forman intends to increase its self-identified LGBTQ+ population among salaried U.S. employees growing from 2% to 6%.
Our commitment Be Better, Do Better

We are committed to be better and do better -- to live our value of respect, educate ourselves more fully, identify and eliminate barriers to inclusion, create an environment where we lead better and all employees can bring their best selves to work, and extend our commitment more deeply in our communities, especially our hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

Learn about Lead Better: Inclusive Leadership
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Our Employee Resource Groups
​The heart and soul of our D&I efforts are our ten Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) working to foster and enhance inclusion throughout our company. Our ERGs are not only a support system and professional development opportunity for employees, but a positive forum for education and idea exchange to our company as a whole to build awareness, advocacy, and allyship.

Awareness & Advocacy for Visible & Invisible Disabilities/Differences (AAVID) is committed to advancing an even more inclusive culture for employees and their families who identify as having visible or invisible disabilities or act as caregivers.


Brown-Forman Rallying All Veterans for Excellence (BRAVE) is committed to enhancing the Brown-Forman Veteran experience and supporting the company's overall commitment to being a military friendly company.


Blacks United in Leadership and Development (BUILD) is committed to partnering internally and externally to identify exceptional African-American talent, enhancing the Black experience at Brown-Forman, and serving our communities.


Creating Our Path (COPA) exists to help Brown-Forman in attracting, developing and retaining Latinx/Hispanic talent and to ensure the employee population mirrors the diversity of the communities in which we operate.


Embracing Asian Society & Traditions (EAST) is committed to actively cultivating and promoting the unique cultures, values, and traditions of our diverse communities of Asian heritage.


Growing Real Opportunities for Women (GROW) is dedicated to providing tools, education, and a clear perspective for women as they work to achieve their desired potential within the organization.


PRIDE exists to position Brown-Forman as a global, best-in-class Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Ally organization, fostering an increasingly inclusive culture.


Supporting and Elevating Ethnic Diversity (SEED) strives to actively cultivate and promote different racial/ethnicity groups, and enrich their experiences at all stages of their careers.


Showing Pride In Respecting Individual Tastes (SPIRIT) supports Brown-Forman’s commitment to creating an environment where all employees feel welcome as contributing members of the organization, regardless of their own choice of whether or not to drink.


The Young Professionals (YP) ERG seeks to strengthen Brown-Forman by engaging, connecting, and fostering the growth and development of young professional employees.