Sonoma-Cutrer® For more than 37 years, Sonoma‑Cutrer has earned a reputation of craftsmanship by steadfastly choosing quality over quantity
Founded in 1973 as a vineyard company, Sonoma‑Cutrer has a long-standing reputation of craftsmanship. Its uncommon attention to detail and exceptional quality caused demand for its grapes to grow quickly. Based on that early success, its founders assembled a group of world-renowned, forward-thinking experts to develop a state-of-the-art winery.

Sonoma‑Cutrer Sonoma‑Cutrer Russian River Ranches Chardonnay
First introduced in 1981, Russian River Ranches is the flagship wine of Sonoma‑Cutrer. This award-winning estate bottled wine is blended from a cuveé of distinct vineyard lots, creating a crisp, bright, citrus-toned wine perfect for dining occasions.
Sonoma‑Cutrer Sonoma‑Cutrer Sonoma Coast Chardonnay
Sonoma‑Cutrer Sonoma Coast Chardonnay White Wine reflects a balance of fruit flavors and oak aging, creating a fuller-bodied white wine chardonnay. Its uncompromising methods of vineyard management, grape oversight and cellar maturation allow Sonoma‑Cutrer to create white wines unlike any other. Wine Enthusiast Magazine described this white wine as "having all of the elements of a classic chardonnay. It is a chardonnay white wine you serve when you want to show people you care about them."
Sonoma‑Cutrer Sonoma‑Cutrer Les Pierres Chardonnay
The Les Pierres Vineyard is known worldwide for its rocky soil that infuses the grapes – and the wine – with varied mineral essence. The result is a single vineyard wine that is complex, elegantly structured and a favorite among Chardonnay drinkers.
Sonoma‑Cutrer Sonoma‑Cutrer The Cutrer Chardonnay
This wine is classic California; clean, fresh and oak-influenced. Fruit for this single vineyard wine comes from specific blocks within the winery’s Cutrer vineyard.
Sonoma‑Cutrer Sonoma‑Cutrer Russian River Valley Pinot Noir
Sonoma‑Cutrer has long been associated with premium California Chardonnay; so much so, that its best kept secret is its award-winning red wine Pinot Noirs. Crafted from 100% Russian River Valley fruit, you will find this rich red wine to have incredible depth, with a concentration of red and dark juicy fruits. Sonoma‑Cutrer Russian River Valley Pinot Noir is produced in Sonoma County, California, one of the most popular sources of Pinot Noir in the United States. With flavors of black cherry, tobacco and sweet barrel spice shining throughout, we recommend pairing this light bodied red wine with beef, lamb, mushrooms and root vegetables.
Sonoma‑Cutrer Sonoma‑Cutrer Rose' of Pinot Noir Wine
Sonoma‑Cutrer's Rose' of Pinot Noir showcases the artisan craftsmanship and innovation of Sonoma County's premier winery. This rose' is 100% Russian River Valley fruit and 100% Pinot Noir fruit.